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Gradbach Mill

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Gradbach Mill…

A blog post by our very own Lois Rowlands of Lois Photography.

The Mill is a distinctive building sitting on the banks of River Dane.  Gradbach Mill is full of a rich history and heritage, there was a time when it served as a silk spinning mill.

However, it has since been refurbished into a venue with accommodation.  On the 16-acre land surrounding it, you get access to the most beautiful scenery in the Peak District.

Karen and James’ wedding was the first wedding photographed at this venue… EVER!  I was extremely excited they found me to photograph their big day of celebrations.

<<<Virgin Atlantic meets British Airways!!>>>

The wonderful wedding day wouldn’t have been possible if Karen and James had not met in Accra, Ghana. It was a chance meeting given the two worked for different airlines.  James is a pilot with the British Airways while Karen is an air hostess with Virgin Atlantic.  The two had flown on separate flights to the West African nation when a chance meeting happened in a random bar.  Of course, each had come here to while away time over a drink.  Hardly did they know that this would develop into a life together surrounded by sheep!!  The couple’s home is Foxbank Farm where they breed Castlemilk Moorit sheep.  Foxbank Farm is one of the last few places you will find one of the nation’s rarest sheep breed.  I love Foxbank Farm, since meeting Karen and James I have also photographed the “flock” for their website, excellent timing really just before the wedding while they had fluffy little lambs roaming around the fields.  Did you know… Castlemilk Moorit Sheep are rarer than the giant panda.

It’s their choice of venue for the wedding ceremony that speaks volumes about this couple.  Their wedding was held at St. Michael Church, Wincle.  Although there was an interval of nasty rain during the ceremony, the sun was out for photographs at their Gradbach reception.  Music played, kids ran around exploring the rolling hillsides while the guests drank bubbly and local beers.  Gradbach makes for the best outdoors photographs, this is definitely a photographer’s dream setting.  Anyone will fall in love with the abundant greenery around.

Gradbach has a rustic look on its exteriors and is set against imposing hills the complete its classic look.  Standing next to its rough walls is enough to transport you to a period long gone by.  Couldn’t help but pose next to the Gradbach’s walls.  This doesn’t in the slightest give away its modern interior.  The dining room was furnished with round tables, hessian and wild flowers decorated the tables, Karen had spent ages before the wedding day decorating little jars with fabric, what a great setting for the wedding breakfast.  You can see from the photographs that the people at the reception had a great time.

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