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Helpful Advice from Buxton Wedding Photographer

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Buxton Wedding Photographer offers his advice

Helpful advice on choosing a wedding photographer from Buxton Wedding Photographer, Adrian Leggett of Creative Weddings.

Choosing the right suppliers to be part of their wedding is a very daunting task for many couples, after all it’s not an every day occurrence – well not for most couples!

Whenever we have an enquiry about wedding photography we always encourage the couples to come to our studio to meet with us. Face to face meetings are always the best way for them to meet us, see what we do and how we work, in a relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to listen to how the couple see their wedding day, after all every one has different ideas, that’s what make our job so enjoyable!

More often that not they are concerned about having their photograph taken, its our job to put them at ease, we believe that the whole experience should be an enjoyable one, not a daunting one, that’s why we always do a pre shoot at the reception venue about 4 weeks prior to the wedding days, this gives the couple a chance to have an input, to experience what it will be like on the day. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know the couple a bit better. We can then discuss the pictures taken, find out their likes and dislikes, so come the day they are so much more relaxed and we can spend the day taking pictures they want, not what we think they should have, it’s all about capturing a relationship, the romance, the happiness of the day, and not have them staring at the camera for hours, we never use the word, SMILE, we hate it, it’s not natural, we have all seen camera smiles they don’t work.

We always ask couples to show us images they like, after all that’s the beauty of photographs everyone has there own opinion, it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what the couple think that why we give the couple every photograph taken so that they can make their own choices.

Our job is to give the couple enough information so that they can make an informed decision. We know that we can do a good job, but they have to feel that, there is a great choice of photographers out there, and we are not afraid of that, everyone has their own style and way of operating, and the couple need to choose what is right for them so we are quite happy to recommend other photographers if they want different options.

It’s important to us that the couple have what they want, it’s our job to take on their ideas, work with them recommend what will work what wont , advise on the structure of the day, timings etc. and help make the whole experience an enjoyable one.

We feel it’s not just about taking photographs, we are part of the day, so personalities play a part, the need to get, not just the wedding party, but all the guests working with us, to get all the photographs the couple want, having a calming way when things don’t go quite right, Linda has laced up numerous dresses, fixed veils, carried makeup, what ever is required, we are there to help when needed to make the day run smoothly.

Finally if you want an album, which we love doing, we always recommend making your choice once you have seen the photographs, chosen how many you want in the album, then you can choose a style and we can tell you how many pages and give you a correct price.

This is how we work, so remember these 6 important tips when choosing a wedding photographer.

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  • Is a Pre shoot included, vital to get you in the mood for having your picture taken
  • Are there 2 photographers, again important to get those candid, relaxed, unexpected photographs.
  • Do you own ALL the photographs so you can make your own choice and not the photographers!
  • Always meet the Photographer before you book!
  • Do you feel comfortable in their presence? if you don’t forget it the photographs will show this.
  • And finally do feel they are going to give you what you want, not what they think you should have!


[box]Linda and Adrian at Creative Weddings offer a fresh and artistic approach to wedding photography and videography, capturing stunning and vibrant memories – whether on stills or film! They are based in Buxton and offer a bespoke, professional service to clients across Derbyshire, Cheshire and the North West[/box]