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Makeup Magic on Your Wedding Day

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Makeup Magic on Your Wedding Day

“It is no exaggeration – there is an almost magical transformation that all comes together on the morning of a wedding”, says Angie Warburton, freelance makeup artist based in Litton.

“I love participating in the transformation of brides-to-be on their wedding morning. As an independent makeup artist, I choose to use all MAC makeup products because I’m so impressed at how they produce the best colour-true, long-lasting results. Every bride has a truly natural radiant beauty – all I do is bring it out to the full – blending and defining, sculpting and contouring, minimising and emphasising, producing a complete and polished look that is always much more than the sum of its parts.

2013 makeup trends keep the bold brows and lashes look. Perfectly measured and sculpted brows are essential to lift and frame the eyes – makeup somehow loses its power without them. If you’re not afraid of colour – bright, hot pinks are sizzling on eyes and lips this season. Pink looks great on most brides and, for a more subtle nod to the neons, there’s always sugar shades and soft pink glosses.”

Time and time again, positive feedback reinforces that professionally applied makeup makes such a difference to the definition and finish in their photographs, not to mention the wow factor when your friends and family see you!

Why spend a fortune on loads of expensive makeup and endless time at beauty counters being overwhelmed by product recommendations?

Why tempt a severe case of butterfingers? The morning of your wedding should be the time to put yourself in the capable hands of calming, attentive professionals.

Beautiful wedding day makeup is every bride’s aspiration – to be happy and confident she looks her best from every angle. Treat yourself to some makeup magic on your special day!

Photography: John Mottershaw

Looking for a little Makeup Magic on Your Wedding Day?

Then go along meet Angie and see examples of her work at the Dome Wedding Show in Buxton on Sunday 17 February