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New Bridal Fashions for 2012

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New Bridal Fashion from the Harrogate Bridal Show

Betty Brace from Bebra Designs visited the Harrogate Bridal Show to view the new designs for 2012. The bridal show featured two designer fashion shows displaying the new collections. One fast and flirty with up to the minute music, the second slower to classical music. There were some beautiful new styles, some with sleeves, and some continuing to be strapless.

Crystal beading adorned a lot of the dresses and silky satin was prevalent in a lot of the new designs. There were slinky bias cut gowns and full skirted ones, and others in-between. Ordering dresses off her main suppliers Betty was spoilt for choice and ordered a lot more than she intended to because she couldn’t choose between them.

The dresses in the new Amanda Wyatt collection now all feature corseted bodices which create stunning waistlines even on bigger girls. Hilary Morgans collection echoed the latest designs and also included some budget bridesmaids dresses, all available in a kaleidoscope of colours.

[box]Bebra Designs are stockist of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and accessories by leading designers including: Amanda Wyatt, Hilary Morgan, Warren York, Richard Designs and many others.[/box]

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