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Why have a wedding video?

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Many couples look at wedding videos and videography as not as important as other items on their wish list when it comes to planning their big day, and live to regret it!

The day goes at 110 miles per hour for the couple, as it impossible to take it all in, they miss various parts of the day, guest arrivals, guests during the reception whilst photographs are taken and so on.

The idea of a video is to document the day in a very unobtrusive way, after all no one likes being filmed, so the best footage is when they don’t know it’s happening. We always have 2 cameras so when the bride and groom are separated from the guests, both guests and the happy couple can be covered. It is edited to their music and we ask the couple to come in to the studio to watch the edit and make any changes they want so we can guarantee they will go away happy.

Video is just as important as photographs in our opinion, it captures the emotions, the energy of the day in a way photographs can’t do.

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